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28th Annual Auto Swap Meet will be held at Traders Village, Houston on March 18th and 19th, 2017
The Auto Swap Meet will be sponsored by Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

March 7, 2017- The Auto Swap Meet will be the right place for car lovers. The flea market will have hundreds of swap meet dealers selling over a million car parts and accessories.

The swap meet will have all types of classic antique cars and trucks for sale. Shoppers can check for tires, wheels, grills and other automobile parts for great deals.

The regular booths will be showcasing tools, army surplus, electronics, comics and cards, crafts and collectibles, silk plants, flowers, truck accessories, and lot more at the flea market.

The swap meet will be open for public staring at 8am. Parking is $4 per vehicle. Get complete event details on

Traders Village, Houston Flea Market is located at:
7979 N. Eldridge Rd.,
Houston, Texas 77041


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