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Visit St. Jacobs Farmers’ and Flea Market: Canada’s largest year round farmers’ and flea market
St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market is open every Thursday and Saturday

July 9, 2017- St. Jacobs Farmers’ and Flea Market has both indoor and outdoor booths selling all kinds of farm fresh produce. The vendors also sell crafts other than farm produce.

There are many shops which offer huge bargains on clothes and toys.

The main market building is always jam packed as it has mouth-watering food stalls. The second level of the building has booths selling home decor and crafts. The building also has “Peddlar's Village” which has stalls showcasing house wares, furniture, fashions, footwear, crafts and few expensive food vendors. The market is open on Thursday and Saturday all year round from 7am to 3:30pm

The famers and flea market is situated:
878 Weber Street North,
Waterloo ON

Visit for more information

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