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Shop at The Hazen Flea market on August 4th and 5th, 2018
The Hazen Flea Market is one of the biggest outdoor flea markets in the east of the Mississippi

July 25, 2018: The flea market has over 700 vendor spots, and a typical weekend brings over 400 vendors. Many of these vendors use multiple spots. Estimated shoppers is over 10000 a weekend.

Shoppers at the flea market can look for antique, old and new stuffs, accessories, stereos, shoes, socks, coins, computer repair parts, doors and windows, herbs and vitamins, laptop and tabs, tinting, tires, wheels and lot more.

There is ample parking around the flea market grounds. Parking fee is just $2-3.

Flea market is situated at:
6847 PA-28, Brookville
PA 15825, USA


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