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Sunday Fun day will be held at Flea Land of Bowling Green on February 24th, 2019
Flea Land is known as Kentucky’s largest Indoor flea market

February 15, 2019: Visitors can enjoy live music from a local artist and Fun food specials on Sunday at flea land of Bowling Green.

Shoppers can browse through over 300 vendor booths in clean air-conditioned comfort. The vendor booths will be filled with books, shoes, clothing for all age groups, college gear, accessories, cosmetics and beauty supplies, flowers and foliage, imports from various countries and more.

Visitors will also get a chance to get inside the Famous Money Chamber and catch FREE $$$.

The flea market shopping hours are:
9am to 5pm

It is located at:
Flea Land of Bowling Green
1100 Three Springs Road
KY 42104


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