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Shop at Hollis Flea Market on September 13th, 2020
It is one of the oldest and largest flea markets in New Hampshire

September 1, 2020: The Hollis Flea Market will adhere to all COVID-19 best practices including: Everyone requested to wear a mask, everyone please practice 6- foot social distancing, Hand sanitizer & related products will be available to customers and employees, etc.

The flea market spread around 20+ acres with approximately 400 vendor spaces.

The vendor booths at the flea market features books, furniture, kitchen items, toys, clothes, clocks, mirrors, vases, pictures and much more.

The flea market timings are:
Sunday: 7.30am to 3pm

It is located at:
Route 122 (447 Silver Lake Road)
Hollis, NH 03049


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