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  3500 Augusta Rd, SC 29170  West Columbia
  South Carolina
  United States

  +1 803-796-9294

   Saturday 7am–4pm
   Sunday 9am–4pm

About Market

Laid-back, open-air market offering diverse wares from crafts & apparel to local produce.


I arrived late, but was able to purchase a few things as they were packing up. I was lucky and had several wonderful tacos. I will definitely arrive early to enjoy more! - Alan Roach

It's a great outdoor place because if you are promoting and just starting your business, it's a great way to build your clientele. They have a lot of great whatnot for an instant; things for all mobile, computer, laptop devices. They have clothing, shoes, body oil, laundry things, body wash, household items, fruits, vegetables, food, drinks, face mask, headgear, bedding, equipment for the car, name necklace, ankle, wrist braclet, and rings. That's to name a few. Last but not least, their donuts; my baby loves them. - D.S. Charley