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Raynham Flea Market will be Open for Shoppers on July 25th, 2021
Raynham Flea Market is known as the “New England’s Premier Flea Market”

July 13, 2021: The flea market requested everyone to follow reopening guidelines such as: maintain social distancing, wear face masks, not come to the market if you are sick, etc.

The flea market features Over 500 Exhibitors over 60,000 sq. ft.

Shoppers at the flea market can look for furniture, records, dolls, jewels, prints, vacuums, sneakers, designer clothes, and lot more.

The Flea market timings are:
Sunday: 7:00am to 5:00pm

The flea market is located at:
480 S St W, Raynham,
MA 02767,


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