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  833 W Torrance Blvd, CA 90502
  United States   California   Torrance
The Alpine Village Shops offer a large selection of services and products. The services range from hair styling to travel arrangements. The products include imported cosmetics, toys, housewares, and books.
  Friday: 9am–6pm
  Saturday: 9am–6pm
  Sunday: 9am–6pm
  Monday: 10am–6pm
  Tuesday: 10am–6pm
  Wednesday: 10am–6pm

  5550 Pearblossom Hwy, CA 93552
  United States   California   Palmdale
  Every Sunday from 6am-4pm

  610 Chabolla Ave, CA 95632
  United States   California   Galt
   Tuesday 7am–2pm
   Wednesday 7am–2pm

  CA 94621,
  United States   California   Oakland

  43500 Monterey Ave, CA 92260
  United States   California    Palm Desert

  9200 Valley View St, CA 90630
  United States   California   Cypress
Bustling, outdoor marketplace open on the weekend for new & pre-owned goods, antiques & food.
   Saturday 6:30am–4pm
   Sunday 6:30am–4pm

  1551 Vineyard Rd, CA 95678
  United States   California   Roseville
   Friday 9am–2pm
   Saturday 7am–3:30pm
   Sunday 7am–5pm

  3113 Crows Landing Rd, CA 95358
  United States   California   Modesto
Lively indoor-outdoor market with stalls for home goods, shoes, clothing, fruit, vegetables & more.
   Friday 6am–6pm
   Saturday 6am–6pm
   Sunday 6am–6pm

  635 W Mission Ave, , CA 92025,
  United States   California   Escondido
   Wednesday 7am–3pm
   Friday 2–9:30pm
   Saturday 8am–3pm
   Sunday 7am–3:30pm

  1641 S Chance Ave, CA 93702
  United States   California   Fresno
Fresh produce, local crafts, plants, electronics, makeup, toys, automotive items, cell phone accessories and the list goes on and on.
   Friday 6am–2pm
   Saturday 6am–2pm
   Sunday 6am–2pm

  15744 Goldenwest St, CA 92647
  United States   California   Huntington Beach

  3500 Sports Arena Blvd, CA 92110
  United States   California   San Diego
Plants, furniture, jewelry, toys & more.
  Every Friday through Sunday 7am – 3pm

  4133 Marathon St, CA 90029
  United States   California   Los Angeles
   Saturday 9am–3:30pm
  Sunday 9am–3:30pm

  1305 Ollie Ave, CA 92231
  United States   California   Calexico
   Saturday 6am–2pm
   Sunday 6am–2pm
   Wednesday 6am–2pm

  2200 Gravenstein Hwy S, CA 95472
  United States   California   Sebastopol
   Sunday 6:30am–5:30pm

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