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The Roadium Open Air Market

  2500 W Redondo Beach Blvd, , CA 90504,   Torrance
  United States

  +1 310-532-5678

  15-acre outdoor swap meet offers an eclectic mix of new/used furniture, clothing, jewelry & beyond.


We love it here. We had the opportunity to opened our Doggy Cat Boutique where we sell a lot of pet products and clothing for cats, dogs and bunnies! We are located near the restroom Spot B24 near the restrooms. The staff is very nice and welcoming ! - Valerie Martinez

Super great deals at most of the Rodium swatmeet spaces . And super great deals for your dogs or cats at space B24, you'll find clothings and harnesses and many more things for your pets at space B24 by the males resroom right infront of a candy store and on there side theres a store that sales vehicles parts.the store is called DOGGY CAT BOUTIQUE. - Andres Martinez


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